Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance & Repairs

Having your automation system checked regularly is the best way to ensure that your gates, bollards or other automated components are functioning as they should. Not only does this improve the longevity of your automation sysyem, but also ensures your gates remain safe. Regular checks can help reduce the chance of breakdowns providing you with peace of mind.

At the UK Automated Gate Company, we offer regular maintenence checks to keep your gates in full working order. We can be flexible around you, making sure that we are on site when it is convenient for you. We will test your entire automation system, including any additional exteas you may have fitted to your system.


While we ensure we fit the best systems to reduce breakdowns, occasionally breakdowns will occour. If your system has been fitted yourself, or by another supplier, sometimes these systems can be temperamental. We offer a comprehensive repair or replacement service to get your gates in full working order again in the event of a breakdown.

From troubleshooting the problem, down to replacing any faulty parts, or fixing the existing ones, we are certain we can get your gates to full working order. If you require urgent access, we offer emergency callouts whereby we will prioritise getting your system back to full working order.

To book a maintenance check or have your gates repaired, contact us.

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